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The care taken for cashmere clothes is by far more important than for any other clothes. Cashmere is a fragile, soft and living material and therefore needs a specific care.

One needs to distinguish two different treatments for care: those for woven materials (coats) and those for knitted fibers such as sweaters, scarves, hats or gloves.

For knitted cashmere, we recommend washing by hand. To do so, dilute “wool by hand” or baby shampoo in lukewarm water (when touching the water with the hand, water should be neither cold nor hot). It is strongly advised not to use bleach or its derivatives. Soak twenty minutes, turning the garment every five minutes. Then rinse with cold water while taking care not to stretch the garment. When spinning, instead of rolling up the garment so that water drains down, place it on a clean dry white towel. Once you have removed the excess water, place it on another white towel ,flat on a table, and away from any direct heat source (otherwise the fibers will contract and the whole garment may shrink)

For extended life span, do not wash cashmere too often. As a normal use, you should wear your sweater 7-8 times before washing it. Ironing is possible, but return your garment inside out and place a clean cotton cloth between the iron and the cashmere. When you no longer wear your sweater, before storing in the closet for months, remember to wash it. Otherwise the stains penetrate deep down into the fabric and become very difficult to remove at a later stage.

Unlike knitted cashmere fabrics, coats are made of woven fibers and should be taken to the dry cleaners. We recommend this treatment is done every 2-3 years just after the cold season. Dry cleaned cashmere can then hang in your dressing room until the following season. When not used, we advise as well to place your coat into a coat bag in order to avoid fluctuations in temperature and attacks due to moisture.

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